News Bulletin

The CHEP 2012 program committee has completed the abstract review process on schedule, and we are glad to announce that all abstract submitters (and primary authors) have been notified today (Monday, Dec. 19).


Abstract Review process completed

In response to feedback from past attendees, the CHEP 2012 program reflects a directed effort to reduce the overall number of parallel presentations. At the same time, we have received an unprecedented number (578) of abstract submissions. This record response is indicative of the dynamism and enthusiasm present within our field at this time. Thus, we would like to emphasize the added importance of the poster sessions at next year's conference, where CHEP's role as a "marketplace of ideas" is most evident. A dedicated setting is being provided in the extraordinary Rosenthal Pavilion for this purpose, where we expect hundreds of attendees interacting with the presenters. We will also be announcing further new initiatives for the poster program in the near-future. Please note that all posters presented at the conference by a registered attendee will receive publication in the official conference proceedings.

The organizing committee would like to highlight the following points:

  1. Each parallel session presentation will be 25 minutes long.
  2. Final draft of all papers (including approval by respective collaborations) must be submitted by early July 2012, which will allow the electronic publication of the proceedings by September 2012. We encourage authors to write their papers well in advance of conference dates to allow enough time for peer review and collaboration approval.
  3. Poster presenters with special requirements (demo, additional space, etc) must contact [email protected] to make arrangements. Because of space constraints and limited physical resources, not all requests will be honored. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, the local organizers have made provisions for dedicated exhibition space (see Registration Page). If interested, please contact us at [email protected].
  4. A preliminary program timetable, showing the general scheduling of sessions is now available.

Further announcements will be made when assignment of timeslots for oral and poster presentations is completed.

Ofer Rind & Tony Wong
(on behalf of local organizing committee)